The Gallery at the Fox Building will hold an online “Zoom” opening on July 9th from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm. The current show is “Call and Response,” eighteen works by Kristin Fuller and Robert Hoffman. The artists’ statement tells their story and illuminates the works:

Call and Response is a creative collaboration between Robert Hoffman and Kristin Fuller. Robert is a mixed media/fiber artist, and Kristin is an abstract painter. 

When they began, each artist wanted to see how their work would meld together and discover what they might learn from each other. In this dynamic, they were supportive of each other’s creative
expression and fed from each other’s energy. 

Robert began exploring the abstract in conjunction with his bird imagery while Kristin picked up on the vibrant colors and movement. 

They worked together side by side, for three months in Kristin’s studio. The approximate closeness and collaborative nature of the project impacted their individual work as well as their friendship. 

The work was constantly changing and evolving through time, like a wall of graffiti, layer upon layer of colors and textures. With each layer of material, they had to go back and forth, give and take, call and respond, like improvisational music or organic dance. 

Although their approach differs greatly, they found themselves able to successfully blend their art mediums and individual style to complete a cohesive body of work. The results are thoughtful compositions with vibrant colors and energetic movement.