When I first began making jewelry I made the mistake of buying a cheap rolling mill for under $200.  The mill was almost impossible to crank, and I ended up re-tearing a rotator cuff in the process!  There is no reduction gear box on this machine and so it would take Sampson to run a sheet of metal through the rollers.  There were other problems with the cheap mill.  It was impossible to keep the rollers aligned, and the metal came out distorted and the patterns on the metal were too light.  All in all the mill was a disaster and I stopped using it.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased an affordable, but much higher quality rolling mill from Pepe Tools that I found on Amazon.  It is also made in the USA, which is an extra plus in my book.  The 130 mm plain mill should last many years, if I take good care of it, and I’m looking forward to increasing my jewelry production.


The seller describes the features of this finely made mill:

  • The rollers are 130mm wide x 65 mm diameter and are mirror finished after machining,  and induction hardened to 65HRC (Rockwell Hardness). The maximum opening from 0 – 7.5 mm
  • This model has a  4:1 Reduction Gear Box machined from aircraft quality aluminum, then anodized black for durability; Precision Hobbed Gears from Solid Steel (not casted gears)
  • Rolling Mill Body is one piece solid construction cast from precision steel for ULTRA strength and durability; Handle is forged, not cast with an ergonomically designed wood handle
  • Easily mounts to your workbench using the mounting holes
  • Professional Quality at an affordable price and Made in the USA

I am looking forward to posting more about the Pepe mill, when I begin to use it in the studio. So far I’ve run a few tests, but haven’t yet experimented with a variety of materials.  More to come in the near future!